Random musings

    Is your organisation more productive as a result of GenAI?

    01 Dec 2023

    The world’s most powerful autocomplete service powered by AI - ChatGPT - celebrated its first birthday on 30 November 2023.

    A robot celebrating his first birthday

    In the year since launch, ChatGPT has given people access to the remarkably lifelike outputs of the generalist knowledge and assemblage of words based on the connections in its unique and massive dataset.
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    Humans are bias against AI Art

    05 Nov 2023

    Humans are bias against AI art, and that’s been scientifically proven.

    A robot troubled robot in an art gallery

    In a study this year called “Bias against AI art can enhance perceptions of human creativity.” 2,965 participants were shown a mix of AI art and non AI art. They were asked to rate them across a number of dimensions …
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    Why AI Art haters are right

    29 Aug 2023

    Ever been trolled by AI-art haters?

    I have.

    A robot covered in paint holding a paintbrush

    But then I stumbled upon a truth that transformed how I see art and deal with critics. That truth?
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    The Future of Learning Environments in Organisations

    06 Jun 2023

    In the not-so-distant past, the workplace buzzed with the energy of eager apprentices learning the ropes from seasoned mentors. Today, post-pandemic, we live in a hybrid world, leaving us with a radically different landscape.

    A happy robot in a kids classroom

    So how do you create an environment where learning and development can still thrive?
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    The AI Revolution

    13 Apr 2023

    As the sun sets on traditional methods of productivity, a new dawn awaits those who embrace the power of artificial intelligence.

    A giant robot at dawn, a crowd is gathering around

    If you’re not careful, it’s going to leave you behind.
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