Don't Break the Chain

06 Mar 2015

Reading time: 3 minutes

Self improvement is something I’m always looking at. Over the start of the yea I have given myself a tak every month. For the first month I decided that I would drink No Alcohol. Month 1 - No Alcohol ====================

This was far easier than I expected. I realised that at times it’s really good to be the designated driver. No more difficult conversations trying to find out how to get home. Suddenly you are everyone’s best friend offering them lifts after last orders.

I also discovered that the warm buzz you feel after eating out isn’t the red wine working through your body, it’s simply the nice food and great conversation you’ve had.

After I came off the No Alcohol month I felt good positive. I didn’t have to drink a beer after a hard day, I found water was sufficient. I am drinking again now, but far far less than I was before.

Month 2 - No Caffeine

I knew I had a problem with caffeine because every weekend I would get a headache if I wasn’t drinking a strong coffee by midday. The only way to combat that in my eyes is to go cold turkey.

I found this a real challenge to begin with. I felt nervous like I was missing a ritual at work. I decided to buy myself a few large boxes of assorted teas. This really helped. After some time I discovered that I was craving the sugar and the water intake, and after topping my body up with enough fluid I could get through the days.

AFter completing the month successfully I have had 1 star-bucks and 2 colas. Neither of which felt particularly good, and I’m happy to substitute coffee for herbal teas.

Month 3 - 1 blog post every day

I have always wanted to write more on my blog, but never really felt like I’ve had much to say. By committing to 1 post every day I am making sure that I say something.

I feel that this has helped me develop my thoughts over simple subjects. I never needed to define the “separation of concerns” post, but now it’s out there I feel I have got it out my system, and it’s time to define more coding practice I like to adhere to.

Tonight I have had an evening ‘with the boys’ which hasn’t left me enough time to post. In fact I won a game of poker against them so I should be celebrating, but I feel unfulfilled if I didn’t get this post out.

Have all these things made me better? Yes - self awareness is key to happiness, and I think by understanding your mind and your body you can improve your self. I hope I fulfill this challange and look forward to the next.