The boy scout rule - Leave the Campground Cleaner then when you found it

17 Mar 2015

Reading time: 1 minute

I was uploading a release for an app tonight, but I got a warning on the submission process explaining that I was missing a recommended icon 120x120 pixels.

I thought this should be an easy thing to fix, all I need to do is drop in another icon. Firstly I open the Images.xcassets file to investigate… an example of a missing icon

There’s the missing image. The job is simple, I just have to rescale the laregest icon down to the right size. Next I open up the file hierarchy to find the larest of the assets, so I can scale it down…

badly named icons

Wow - the developer that last added to this folder should be ashamed. How did they know which is the biggest copy? Is it 144x144-6.png or 144x144-10.png (actually it’s Icon-76@2x.png - but finding that is a pain).

So a sigh, a beer and a few spare moments later I have organised the file structure…

badly named icons

Question… How does it ever come to this? Is the developer just blindly dropping in assets into the GUI without a care to the naming? I far prefer to have well named files, as it helps me identify bugs and inconsistencies. This is why you should check over your file changes on every commit. Does this commit look clean? If so… commit!