Humans are bias against AI Art

05 Nov 2023

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Humans are bias against AI art, and that’s been scientifically proven.

A robot troubled robot in an art gallery

In a study this year called “Bias against AI art can enhance perceptions of human creativity.” 2,965 participants were shown a mix of AI art and non AI art. They were asked to rate them across a number of dimensions …

  • Liking
  • Skill
  • Colour
  • Inspiration
  • Brightness
  • Complexity
  • Emotional Evocation
  • Expense

(the last being whether they thought the image looked expensive)

A happy robot in an art gallery, it's raining coins

The scientists discovered that on all the dimensions art labelled as “AI” scored lower to participants than art labelled as “human”.

This was true whether or not the source was correctly labelled

This proves that humans are bias against AI. It was most notable in monetary value and perceived skill.

A robot covered in wires on a pedestal in an art gallery

Interestingly more than 70% of participants indicated they could not differentiate between AI-made and human-made images without the labels.

They also found that technically minded people were just as bias as other participants.

Many other studies have taken these findings and replicated them in similar ways.

A robot in shades holding champagne flutes in an art gallery

I am unashamedly an AI artist, but I haven’t included the #aiart hashtag in a number of months. Since then I’ve also seen an increase in engagement. I wonder if the two are related? Do you also find that not labeling your work as AI helps with your reach?

Source: Horton Jr, C.B., White, M.W. & Iyengar, S.S. “Bias against AI art can enhance perceptions of human creativity. “ Sci Rep 13, 19001 (2023)