Random musings

    The AI Revolution

    13 Apr 2023

    As the sun sets on traditional methods of productivity, a new dawn awaits those who embrace the power of artificial intelligence.

    A giant robot at dawn, a crowd is gathering around

    If you’re not careful, it’s going to leave you behind.
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    Crafting the perfect Sprint Review (for teams that have been putting it off)

    18 Jan 2023

    I often meet teams who feel they have negative sentiment within an organisation. Some teams feel like they are delivering work too slowly and stakeholders see them as a cost to the organisation rather than a value stream. Teams can feel rushed, overworked and that they are just treading water to keep up with the demands being placed on them. It’s the classic example of teams who are too busy trying to drive the car that they’ve not got time to think about whether they are going in the right direction. Whenever I hear this I ask if the team does a sprint review. The answer is - almost universally “no”.

    Driving blindfolded created using midjourney and dalle It’s like driving with a blindfold on, you have no idea which direction you are going.
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    The Walking Skeleton?

    09 Nov 2022

    You’ve probably heard of Zombie Scrum, but do you know about The Walking Skeleton?

    A Skeleton walking through a park
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    The trouble with Gantt Charts

    27 Sep 2021

    I have a secret: I hate Gantt Charts. I hate the way they look. I hate the way people interact with them. I hate the time it takes to build one. I hate the way it encourages people to behave.

    A gantt chart showing far too much information

    Think back to the last Gantt chart you saw.
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    What Agile teams can learn from the delay to lockdown easing

    24 Jun 2021

    There are some useful parallels between the delays in the easing of England’s national lockdown and the challenges Agile teams members see with delivery roadmaps.

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