Random musings

    How to output mustache templates in a jekyll site

    31 Mar 2015

    I was having difficulty rendering a mustache template out as a code sample.

    Here was my code sample…

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    Is it best to render my templates on the server or the client?

    30 Mar 2015

    A question that I sometimes get asked is “Should I render my templates on the client or the server?”. The trick answer is “Both”.

    The best thing I’ve done in the past year is to make some code that would render my templates on the server in exactly the same way that they would be rendered if they happened to be on the client as well. Why is this? Well firstly - the most important thing for any application is …
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    Writing Gherkin on an existing application

    29 Mar 2015

    We’ve been supporting our codebase for many years, but we are starting to look into describing our core site tests as a load of Gherkin features. This is the first step as we move to a more highly automated testing process.

    Now - what is Gherkin? It’s a way of describing what your application does in a way that anyone from the business can understand. The way the language has been designed it stands as a template that can be understood by testing frameworks.
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    About breaking the chain

    28 Mar 2015

    So yesterday I failed to write a blog post.

    I’ve been trying to write a blog post. A habit I wanted to fulfil so much I even wrote a post in advance on to post on my wedding anniversary.

    So how come I broke the chain yesterday?
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    Nice SQL pattern for when fixing data

    26 Mar 2015

    I came up with a nice straightforward pattern recently to help fix data after a lengthy database refactor.
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