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Being a good ally is about seeing injustices and taking action to support a way to make all individuals have an equitable way to be treated. That means deliberately amplifying the voices of people who are often overlooked, and trying to address systematic barriers.


It simply isn’t fair to ignore privilege.


Actively seek out people in tech from minority groups, (Gender, BAME, Mental health) and amplify their voices, help them become role models for others and ensure that we don’t sleepwalk into further causing an industry that is less diverse.

My Journey

I am pursuing people to talk at [[agile-reading]] who represent a minority or have a subject that deliberately gives voice to underrepresented groups. Target one 2 one coaching on people who feel left out. Be deliberately [[curious]] about things I do not understand Moderate my use of language so as I don’t knowingly contribute to system racism, sexism or other fallacies eg…


Attending Shan’s Racism conversation

Ubuntu - I am who I am because of who you are Call it out. Get feedback, give people permission. Ensure there are Role Models from all diversity

I used the conversation as an opportunity to tell everyone that I demand feedback and want to be challenged if I am ever bigoted knowingly or unknowingly, casually or more severe.