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I want to be respected in my field, and become noticed for opionions, thoughts and ideas amongst the larege agile community


I love being at conferences and discovering new things, but I’m often afraid to speak up. I value the ability to do so and I only feel worthy if I have soemthing to say. By being notorious I can be more comfrtable saying things. I’ve very much enjoyed bringing my experience to local meetups, and I genuinely belive I have helped others. If I can dial this up I belive I can make a positive impact


Do more public speaking. By the end of 2025 I want to have spoken at some major public events like MindTheProduct, Agile Roundabaout and Agile at the Beach.

My Journey

I have started [[agile-reading]] and [[lean-coffee-reading]] to help me grow the frequency that I do presentations. I also interact with the industry thoughtleaders, allowing me to grow my confidence. I am activly persuing speaker arrangements, and will continue to do so.