Random musings

    New jekyll blog

    28 Sep 2013


    My name is Adam Hall. A father of 2 boys, & head of development for the UK’s largest wedding website.

    I work in a small team in the UK, and manage some more devs over seas.
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    Getting strongly typed objects out of the session in .Net

    14 Dec 2012

    I was doing the enjoyable task of removing warnings from the code base today. We had a bad period of being stung by bugs that could have been prevented if the developer had heeded the warnings. Visual studio gives you a nice way to see the warnings as errors to make them more urgent.
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    Take a shortcut, and suffer the concequences

    08 Jun 2011

    I have recently started programming in a more jquery centric style, to make sure that all the javascript on our sites are AWESOME! I was testing our latest control cross browser and found that IE 8 and lower didn't like my plugin. Digging into developer tools (f12) the following line was throwing an error. thumbnailImage: $("<img />", { class: "imgThumb", alt: "thumbnail", src: "/images/hba/noImage.gif" }),
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    How to Insert Multiple rows into Multiple tables in SQL server

    15 Apr 2011

    I had a very bizarre need to insert multiple rows into multiple tables into SQL Server, let me show you a little picture. The concept is a seating plan, imagine a circular table that has 12 possible seats around it.
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    Don't use @@Identity

    06 Apr 2011

    Okay, I just got burned by an @@Identity bug in SQL Server. What is that? I had a written a spec that made it necessary for the developer to create a row in a database and return the ID to the application, then this ID would trigger an email to be sent in the site. Suddenly it breaks, why?
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